Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Great New Book / Possible Steampunk Elements???

Hey everyone! I know it's not EXACTLY steampunk in nature, but thought I would pass along this exciting book I am currently reading (almost done too!) It's called Dracula in Love by Karen Essex. I know we all know the the Dracula story, but this one is different, told entirely from Mina's point of view. Other than just the social/ sexist opinions of the men of the time, the book also focuses on the philosophy (much is given to the theory of Darwin) and also medical practices of the time. Karen Essex has definately done her research on all of these topics and knows them like the back of her hand. Most interestingly there is a full description of a Water Treatment used in Asylums during the time - I've always thought fact is greater than fiction in most cases - we as Steampunk enthusiasts come up with crazy ideas - but real gadgets and medical equipment were wicked and crazy, possibly even more so than our imaginations!

I've only had the book a few days and couldn't put it down! Just a few more pages to go, please, if you like the dark side of things, check it out:

Also, let me know if anyone has info on more crazy Asylum contraptions??? Miss Essex has peaked my curiosity of all the creepy stuff used to "help" people back then!

Savannah Midnight