Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Good Day For Steampunks Everywhere

I had a good day today...and it was capped by the invitation to write for this blog. And it also supplied me with a fairly exciting story to start out with, lucky me, but first...why am I here?

No, I'm not lost in the "aether" or thinking existentially right now, I'm talking about why I am writing in this blog, why me, what makes me want to write where everyone can read it? And my question when approached about this blog was, "What should I write?" Obviously, no REAL answer was given except to be myself.

Unfortunately, myself is a procrastinator who rarely has time for anything except work...and it got me thinking...all nature...are humans who live in our current day and time. Whether Steampunk is a game, an escape, a fashion statement, whatever it is to you, you're still a modern person with modern issues. Mine is being lazy and slow sometimes, at others busy and overworks (...and under paid). So I write to you from a real persons perspective on Steampunk and using it to better myself. Perhaps having a blog to write in every day (or once a week) will help me become a better modern person with some discipline in tow.

I am an actor (let's not get into the actor vs. actress argument - that's a different blog entirely) and stumbled into the costuming realm during college. That's the long and short of it. Right now I act and design costumes. I am sure more of my history will present itself as time wears on.

Recently I was at the World Steam Expo in Dearborn, Michigan with Penny Dreadful Productions ( a company I co-founded with Matt Silva) as guests. We were invited all the way from Little ol' ATL to be guests...and what a surprise we had! Most of the Atlanta Steampunk community was there. Sort of like Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ, you never see how great you have it at home, until you're away and you keep seeing familiar faces everywhere you look (though our familiar faces were actually present, not delusions). I have come to realize Atlanta is very lucky to be a bit of a HUB for steampunk, yay us!!!

I know other have blogged on that point, so I'll leave it at that :)

So now, for my wonderful news of the day: while working at the work shop (a good thing to be doing in such a place - working on such steamy good things as we were) - we received a telephone call from Mr. Doug Jones! As the details so such a phone call cannot begin to be described, I must say, all of our days were brightened by his voice! So renewed with vigor, we continued to work on steamy things.

We also have received an offer to clothe a couple of models for a steampunk themed photo shoot...which was exciting...until I sat down to sketch the new clothes...and then my muse went off for a coffee break on the dirigible. There I was - ready and willing - and left in the dust. Hopefully a good nights rest will help clear the mind.

Until my mind is cleared - Trudge onward Steampunks!
Savannah Midnight
Penny Dreadful Productions

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  1. Yay us! I wonder it would be worth it for he who has "blogged on that point" should repost here for the world to see.